Go Undercover in True Crime Next Fall

Activision Publishing, Inc. announced recently that gamers can expect to go undercover with the Triad crime syndicates in the newest installment of the True Crime series in Fall 2010.

Developed by United Front Games, True Crime is an open-world game that places the player in the role of detective Wei Shen as he enters the Triad as a newly-hired thug.

“We’ve been waiting for the right story and opportunity to bring True Crime to a new generation of gamers in 2010,” said Maria Stipp, EVP and GM of Owned Properties, Activision Publishing. “United Front Games has the vision to bring this new undercover game experience to life, where fans will play out their own epic Hong Kong action thriller!”

Built on explosive gun fights, deadly martial arts, driving sequences and free-running, True Crime aims to test a player’s ability to climb the ranks of the underworld, all the while trying to balance the moral implications of Shen’s undercover actions with his duty to uphold the law.

“We’re excited about the opportunity to deliver a complete reboot of the True Crime experience,” said Stephen van der Mescht, Executive Producer at United Front Games. “We want players to feel like an undercover cop experiencing the moral dilemmas and life and death situations of the Hong Kong underworld.”

True Crime is set to arrive sometime in Fall 2010 for the Xbox 360, Playstation 3 and Windows PC.