Gigantic SNES Controller Brings a New Meaning to Tabletop Games

Have you ever complained that your controller was too small? Well the guys over at SCAD Inc. have heard your cries and designed a dream fix. They have managed to successfully fabricate a completely functional SNES controller, that is the size of an entire couch!

The angular, simply-shaped NES controller lent itself well to humongonization, but the rounded sides and shoulder buttons made the SNES a formidable challenge to accurately build at such a large scale. The SCAD guys sure as hell pulled it off though, getting everything from the curvature of the L and R buttons to the fonts used on the control labels almost perfectly right. The body of the controller is cut from wood, and the buttons are connected directly to the guts of a standard SNES controller, preserving the now hilariously small-looking cable and connector. — Gizmodo

What’s next, an entire SNES console that you can fit in your pocket? Oh wait, that’s the DS. I am making a personal request for an enormous Wii-mote, that way I would finally have an excuse for not using my Wii.

SCAD Inc. has documented the entire design process, complete with tons of pictures. It is a fascinating read that everyone should check out! You can view the SCAD Inc. design blog here.