Gears of War Multiplayer Was Almost Cut During Development

Epic’s president told XLeague.TV that during the development of Gears of War, they were considering removing the multiplayer mode after initially feeling un-satisfied with the mode.

“The day before E3 I’m like ‘no guys, it’s not pulling together’. And they made it, they pulled it together, and then we won every award,” Mike Capps said.

Gears of War has gone on to win a Golden Joystick and was the most played game on Xbox Live until Halo 3 was released. One more subject Capps mentioned during the interview was the Mad World ad campaign used for Gears of War.

“So, you know I thought the Mad World music, for the commercial that’s won so many awards, I thought it was stupid; I was like ‘what are you thinking? Nobody knows Donnie Darko any more.'”