GDC 2009 Media: Two New Videos of The Conduit Surface

Fresh off the presses at the SEGA America blog, we have some gameplay videos of The Conduit you should be looking at. They each show off a different environment, and a few different guns as well. In the video above, we witness the player amidst a fire fight inside a train. That’s some pretty tight quarters if you ask me. The weapon being used seems to be pretty sweet; it turns people into fizzling balls of blue.

The video below shows off a weapon you would use to snipe as well as some of the cover mechanics available to you (looks like you crouch behind objects). Dubbed as “Airport Assault Gameplay”, this video naturally takes place in an airport, and there are plenty of baddies for you to waste.

This game is starting to look better, but I wish we could see the controls tightened up more. They’ve already demonstrated the level of control that you have over the game’s UI and control scheme, so it would have been nice to see how those looked. It also looks like the AI could use some work (one of the enemies just ran into a wall for a few seconds), but regardless, you Wii owners should keep this on your radar if you aren’t already. It looks like it’s shaping up to be a good one. By the way, did anybody else get a reminiscent feel of Golden Eye or Perfect Dark from this?