GDC 2009 Media: Reggie Does GTTV; Punch-Out!! Multiplayer, Giga Mac Unleashed, and More

GameTrailers TV is now on a new night, Thursdays at 12:30am (Friday, technically), and to kick off their new timeslot, they’ve managed to get in some time to talk with Nintendo of America President Reggie Fils-Aime, who spoke of E3, the competition, and where you’re likely to find the next Mario.

In addition, Reggie decided to give a little back to the show by introducing a new version of the Punch-Out!! trailer you’ve surely seen by now. However, this one has a GT-exclusive twist: Multiplayer, and a little something extra for Mac to use for an edge.

Host Geoff Keighley first asks about what can be expected from Nintendo at E3. Reggie says they might have a release date for The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks by then. Geoff mentions that they had set some high standards prior to the show on GTTV last year, but in the end, “otaku were pissed.” Reggie says that overall, they hope to do a “much better job” this year.

Geoff presses on, asking about where some of Nintendo’s big names are, such as Donkey Kong or Kid Icarus. Reggie says that from their perspective, there’s always going to be a new Zelda or Mario title on the horizon, citing the just-announced Zelda: Spirit Tracks as an example of that.

As for those Geoff mentioned, Reggie says that they want to bring those to life, but it’s all a matter of priorities.

With that, Geoff asks when we might see a new Mario game via WiiWare. Reggie says that if they do a new Mario game, it would either be for the DS or Wii. Geoff jokingly asks if WiiWare isn’t good enough for Mario; Reggie informs him that “we want truly, truly innovative content to be first launched on WiiWare. And that’s tough to do with a Mario title.”

The show cuts away from Reggie for a bit, and comes back later to talk with him some more. When they return, the first item Geoff tackles is the upcoming Wii remake of Punch-Out!!. Reggie notes that Punch-Out!! has long been one of his favorite games, from both its NES and Super NES iterations. However, Mike Tyson was “unavailable” for this outing.

From there, Reggie and Geoff introduce a world-exclusive trailer for the game, which begins much like the last one we saw. The difference this time, however, is the introduction of multiplayer mode, which has a special twist: Giga Mac:

Guess Little Mac got tired of being “Little” and started to hit the juice.

Geoff thanks Reggie for finally giving them a world exclusive; everyone else has, and now Nintendo has, too. Smiling, Reggie says that since GTTV has shown so much love to Nintendo, they had to show a little back.

Geoff uses this to segue into a question regarding Nintendo and their competition: Specifically, if they even bother to see what they’re doing, given Nintendo is so far ahead in sales right now.

Reggie says that they do, in fact, always look at what their competition is doing. Geoff asks what worries him about what they’re up to.

He replies, “What worries me… is if I were to focus in on Microsoft, we’ve always looked at what they’ve been able to do from an Xbox LIVE standpoint, and we constantly want to say “what can we do to be better than Xbox LIVE? That is certainly the best element of what they’ve been able to bring to bear.”

At this point, I’m expecting those words to trigger a flood of responses, many of which beginning with something about Friend Codes.

As for Sony, Reggie says “I think we tried to do this on camera, for me to try to say something nice about PS3…” Geoff asks if it’s hard; “what about an olive branch?” Reggie still says it’s a little hard.

Geoff presses further, asking if there are no redeeming qualities. Reggie responds, saying that “They’ve got some great games they’ve been able to bring out, they’ve been able to get some fantastic content, but you’ll look at the results, and clearly they’ve got some challenges.”

Finally, with things just about to wrap up, Geoff asks if they’re still on for E3, and Reggie says they certainly will.

Asked if they’ll “bring the heat,” Reggie says “Absolutely, and all of your fans will love it; we can guarantee that.”

E3 comes at us in the start of June; we can only hope Nintendo comes through on their guarantee. Meanwhile, you can check out the entire episode of GameTrailers TV on their website by following the link below.