GDC 2009 Media: Punch-Out!! Gameplay Footage from the Showfloor

We’ve been fortunate enough to receive some rather nice trailers for Punch-Out!! on the Wii, but we haven’t seen a whole lot that says “this is raw gameplay.” In fact, I don’t think we’ve seen anything like that… that is, until now.

Here are a couple of videos, featuring the Beast from the Bronx, Little Mac, squaring off against the Fumbling Frenchman, Glass Joe, and the German Steel Machine, Von Kaiser, respectively. Plus, a little something extra to celebrate the franchise’s return.

I love how they’ve retained some of the oldschool sound effects, and the voices sounds like they’ll add a lot of personality to some characters who were already seeping with it. I also like the way the background looks, very alive, but non-intrusive.

What disappoints me, however, is that Mario is no longer the referee! Come on, even the comics kept him as the ref! Instead, we get a guy with some traits, I suppose, though he looks about as much like J. Jonah Jameson as he does Mario, if you ask me.

Here’s a bout with one of my favorites, Von Kaiser:

I can’t tell which control scheme the player is using, but if I had to guess, I’d say he’s going at it with the NES-style configuration… given we don’t really seem to see him punching with the Wii Remote or anything.

…and was that a frankfurter Von Kaiser was holding between matches?

The dialog from Doc Lewis was amusing, as well– anyone think he’ll encourage players to sign up for Club Nintendo (rather than the defunct Nintendo Fun Club Newsletter)?

And finally, to celebrate the return of Punch-Out!!, here’s a look at how it could have gone.

This video by Team Awesome was an entry in the “Short Cuts” contest Nintendo ran a couple of years ago, looking at Little Mac aiming to get back into shape and compete once again. However, Doc Lewis is too old to train Mac again… who can he turn to?

And yes, this video is what made him my favorite of the cast, even though I realize his personality will likely differ a bit in the new game.