GDC 2009 Media: More Punch-Out!! Gameplay Footage from the Showfloor

Yesterday, we got our first glimpse of pure, undiluted Punch-Out!! gameplay in action… and it was good. (We also got an armful of new screens, artwork, and a fact sheet, and those weren’t too shabby, either.)

Today, more Punch-Out!! video love, as it is time for the scrappy up-and-comer Little Mac to take on Disco StuKid and star of the 80’s cartoon show “Captain N: The Game Master,” King Hippo, who once again sports a pleasing Hawaiian tan, versus the bizarre green skin he had before.

Quote from GameTrailers: “The Carlton dance deserves a punch to the face.”

Wow, he even sounds like… well, what I’m assuming an angry hippo would sound like. I like the fact he doesn’t even speak, he just makes sounds.