GDC 2009: Boom Blox Bash Party Receving Free DLC, No Download Required

It’s been announced that Boom Blox Bash Party will allow players to both upload and download user creations to the Wii without the tangle of friend codes or other inconveniences. Where did the idea for this mechanic come from? According to senior producer Amir Rahimi, none other than YouTube, for its vast collection of user-created levels uploaded by hordes of gamers. Under this platform, Boom Blox Bash Party gamers can access the server, browse through various levels, then play them without worry or hassle of saving them to the Wii.

If the level tickles your fancy, never fear! It can be downloaded, though only to the Wii. According to Rahimi, the option to store on SD cards was nixed because the feature was introduced too late for the developers to squeeze in. Even so, the Wii is capable of storing hundreds of levels onboard, as each game takes up only a small amount of space.

While browsing the levels, stats will be available for players to peruse, such as how high its rating is, how many times it was played, and even when it was created. The dev team also hopes to hop in on the fun, promising that they’ll be providing levels of their own for your downloading pleasure. However, it’s not been confirmed yet whether or not they will be up for grabs individually or released in packs. Still, they’ll be absolutely free. If you’ve never played Boom Blox before, looks like now might be a good time to get in on the action!