GDC 2009: Balance Board’s Worldwide Sales Almost Match PlayStation 3’s

Sony has a problem.

Okay, so it’s not exactly a serious problem, certainly not a life-or-death situation or anything, but certainly one which might affect the perception of the PlayStation 3 in some eyes.

During Nintendo Co. Ltd. President Satoru Iwata’s keynote at the Game Developers Conference, he threw out some various numbers which showed how Nintendo and the Wii is doing in the marketplace against their competition. What’s interesting is, if you’ll note the image to your right, the blue bar represents the Wii, the green Xbox 360, and the PS3 is in red.

And there’s also a fourth bar added; that bar is for the Wii Balance Board, which according to Nintendo is approaching the point of outselling the PlayStation 3 globally. One has to imagine that, if the Balance Board — a mere peripheral — were to surpass the entire global userbase of Sony’s Blu-ray powerhouse, that would definitely rub some salt in some wounds.

However, Iwata, classy as ever, didn’t seem to wish to focus so much on this aspect. Instead, he referred to the Balance Board as almost being a platform in its own right (in more ways than one, I suppose). He points out that with it, developers now have even more options for game development and hardware to target.

“Some developers are already taking advantage of this opportunity,” he stated, just before a Nintendo rep appeared to demonstrate the new Balance Board WiiWare title Rock N’ Roll Climber.

“We rapidly expand the installed base by introducing things like the Wii Balance Board” Iwata stated, adding that he felt it was the duty of Nintendo to simply release one or two first party games which make use of the hardware, and then let their third parties take over from there.