GDC 07: Ouendan 2 Detailed; Possible Wii Installment, Microphone & Wi-Fi Features

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Coming back from a conference session with Keiichi Yano during his “FROM Ouendan! TO Help!: INSIDE THE Elite Bear Agents” public speech, we have uncovered several details highlighting some of the un-answered questions regarding the popular DS series.

Also revealed were some revelations regarding the possibility of the series having large improvements for its Japanese DS sequel and more. After the session, Yano, co-founder of development company iNis (Guitaroo Man, Elite Beat Agents) had a public Q & A with the crowd in attendance.

Some of the newly revealed details regarding Ouendan! 2 and future installments/enhancements include:

  • A new rival gang that the “good” Ouendan will have to battle.
  • The rival gang will be also be playable in addition to our hero cheerleaders.
  • Asked about the possibility of the series coming to Nintendo’s Wii, Yano said that iNiS was “talking with Nintendo regarding potential development opportunities.”
  • The “DR” on the Elite Beat Agent’s (USA) badges indicate the game’s original concept name, “Disco Rangers”.
  • On Microphone and Wi-Fi capabilities for the Japanese and eventual American sequel: “No comment on this for now [smiles]… for the new version.”
  • Real-life Ouendan has played the game, especially since the Director of the game used to be a former Oeundan leader in Japan.

    Asked about the possibility of the Ouendan series coming to western shores, Yano replied with a simple, “I don’t know about that.” However, the iNiS co-founder did make a hint towards an eventual Elite Beat Agents 2 release, saying “we can definitely do a better job this time around.”

    More on future announcements on this cult-musical series soon.