Gauntlet on Nintendo DS Officially Confirmed

Eidos has finally officially announced that they are bringing the classic arcade adventure game Gauntlet to the Nintendo DS. In development by Backbone Entertainment, Eidos describes this entry in the franchise as a “modern reworking” of the original arcade game. In order to accomplish this, the game will be presented in the classic overhead perspective which runs across both screens of the Nintendo DS.

The game will of course consist of the classic roster of the Elf, Wizard, Warrior and Valkyrie, with players adventuring across 40 different maps within three different areas of the game. In order to help capture the true essence of the arcade original, the game will feature several different multiplayer modes utilizing the wireless functions of the Nintendo DS. Multiplayer will include ranked 4-player co-op and competitive modes over either local wireless or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

As a bonus to the fans, players playing over the internet will be able to use the Nintendo DS microphone or headset to voice chat with their friends while in the fray. Gauntlet for the Nintendo DS is due out this June for a MSRP of $29.99.