GameZone’s Mega Red Cross Fundraiser

Hello everyone:

This week I have the opportunity to do something far grander than the usual daily grind here at GameZone. After the devastation caused by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami in Japan, myself and a close colleague began thinking of ways we could use our contacts and positions in the industry to aid the relief efforts going on overseas.

GameZone has, over the years, accumulated many games, merchandise, and random oddities that we usually give away on the site to our community members. But, we decided to pool them all together instead and create Mystery Swag Boxes that would then be offered up as fundraiser donations on eBay. The complete list of what will be randomly dispersed across the three auctions is below, and as you can see, you may end up with something totally boss like Splatterhouse speakers or a brand new APB game/frisbee, or you may end up being the talk of the town with I Love Horses and other AAA titles your friends will all envy.

More importantly though, you’ll be getting something for your donation to a great cause, 100% of which will be given to the Red Cross.

To make things even better, Square Enix, Capcom, and THQ were excited to get involved and sweeten the pot on all three auctions:

Square Enix is donating three unreleased PSP games: The 3rd Birthday, Dissidia 012 [duodecim], and Final Fantasy IV: The Complete Collection.

Capcom is donating a Bionic Commando Rearmed 2 bundle that includes the game, a shirt, and a limited edition Astro Gaming headset that retails for over $200.

And last but not least, THQ is donating Homefront and de Blob 2 for the platform of your choice, PLUS a real-life Parrot AR Drone that retails for over $300.

That’s kind of ridiculous, right? Hell, I will definitely be bidding on some of these myself. My new neighbors and co-workers are going to LOVE that AR Drone!

I’m grateful to be able to put this all together and do something for a great cause, it’s just unfortunate that it had to be under these terrible circumstances. I know us gamers are usually living off Gamefly and Taco Bell, but even if we raise $20 an auction, that is something that will help someone somewhere, and that’s a BIG deal.

Thanks for your time!

-William Haley and the GameZone crew


Misc. Items
2x Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2011 pins
2x Cabelas North American Adventures pins
3x Epic Mickey pins
3x Jam City Rollergirls pins
1x Splosion man pin
1x The Maw pin
1x World of Warcraft action figures pin
1x World of Warcraft Horde necklace

Active Life Explorer Water Bottle
3x Grip-It (analog stick rubber grips)

2x Dungeons & Dragons Pax 2010 exclusive comic book
1x Kane and Lynch comic book
2x Zombie Pirates It Came from Sargassm Sea Comic book
3x Get to know Super Meat Boy comic book

Splatterhouse Portable speakers
Liliana Vess Magic Cards Starter Deck
Marvel Super Hero Card game
Maple Story Watch
10x Tropico 3 Vote El Presidente stickers
Zippo Combat Arms lighter
Pink womens Astro Gaming shirt Medium
Large WWE All Stars
XL Mx Vs ATV Alive
Large Cabelas Dangerous Hunts 2011
2x Medium Aion Assault on Balaurea
XL Paradox Strategy
Large Big Mutha Truckers wifebeater
Large Combat Arms Sweatshirt

Wii Games
Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes
Ivy the Kiwi

360 Games
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa

PS3 Games
LittleBigPlanet GOTY

PC Games
3x 3D Hunting 2010
Eve Online
Two Worlds
Tropico 3
Doggie Daycare
The 80s game with Martha Quinn
Mata Hari
Culpa Innata
Bee Movie Game
Stacked poker
3x Jekyll & Hyde
3x Painkiller Pandemonium
Arcania Gothic IV
I Love Horses 3 Pack
APB All Points Bulletin
Disciples III Renaissance
Aircraft Powerpack
Supreme Ruler 2020