GameZone’s 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers – Xbox One

Congratulations! You’re the proud new owner of an Xbox One console. Or maybe you're buying for someone that's the proud, new owner of Microsoft's Xbox One. Either way, someone is ready for the next generation of video games. As is usually the case with launch titles, there's some great ones and there's some duds. Never fear, GameZone is here with your 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Xbox One owners. 

Forza Motorsport 5

Holiday Gift Guide - Xbox One

The past two Xbox console launches have been accompanied with a Project Gotham Racing game. Sadly, that’s no longer possible; developer Bizarre Creations closed their doors in 2011. Enter Turn 10’s Forza Motorsport 5 to fill in the launch day racing void with the promise of “Drivatar,” a system that learns racing styles from players and uploads them into the cloud. The result is the end of AI driving and a more human-like experience even if you’re racing offline. Not only is it one of the most promising features of any next-gen launch game, but it could also solve a problem that has (personally) plagued racing games: too good for one difficulty mode, not good enough for the next one.


Dead Rising 3

Holiday Gift Guide - Xbox One

Most of the focus on the next-gen launch has been on visuals, resolution and frame rates. While Dead Rising 3 may not be the bar for any of these aforementioned things, it should raise the bar on how much fun one can have while killing zombies. Dead Rising, one of the Xbox 360’s signature first-year games, pales in comparison to the scope created by developer Capcom Vancouver. The zombie count on screen is staggering, the game’s scope is impressive, and the possibilities are endless. If you're looking for a game that'll be full of action, blood, zombies, scares and fun all-in-one, Dead Rising 3 is the open-world game you're looking for. 


Need for Speed Rivals

Holiday Gift Guide - Xbox One

Disclaimer: I both absolutely love and miss the Burnout franchise and have been dying for developer Criterion to bring it back. While this (once again) didn’t happen at E3 this past year, I am more than okay with spending time with Need for Speed Rivals. The constant mayhem and paranoia I know and love from Burnout is all here. Racers are busy looking in their rearview for the cops, while the cops are frantically searching for said racers. My hands-on time with the game back at E3 was easily some of the most fun I had all week long. Oh, and it helps that the game is in 1080p and is absolutely gorgeous. If you're looking for a bit more action to your racing and Forza Motorsport 5 isn't doing it for you, give Need for Speed Rivals a drive.


Madden NFL 25

Holiday Gift Guide - Xbox One

I was a convert at the EA Ignite booth back at E3. While the Xbox 360 version did plenty to satisfy my virtual football needs, there was only one reason behind my purchase: to see just how much of a leap was being made from one generation to the next. The big thing EA Sports tried to hammer home about the new version of Madden was its blocking: you won’t have to bounce runs to the outside in order to gain yards. You won’t have to do a ten step drop to be safe in the pocket. Your offensive line won’t have the intelligence of a rock. All of these were both present and on display at E3. Pick up Madden NFL 25 on the Xbox One for that Cowboys fan that is sick of Romo blowing it in December, or Peyton Manning choking in the playoffs with the Broncos; they'll be able to play the most realistic-looking Madden to-date and change history — virtual history.


Extra Xbox One Wireless Controller + Play and Charge Kit

xbox one controller

There's not a ton of peripherals you can buy at launch for the Xbox One, but the person you're buying for might want to play alongside another human being. Seeing as how the console only comes with one controller, a separate controller will have to be purchased in order to play local multiplayer. The Xbox One controller has over 40 new improvements to the 360 controller, and you're getting the Play and Charge kit, which will charge the controller while playing and in standby mode. Not only does it save money by not having to buy AA batteries, but it fully charges in under four hours. 


Killer Instinct Arcade FightStick Tournament Edition 2


Killer instinct fight stick

If you're picking up an Xbox One, and you're itching to dig into Killer Instinct, there is really only one, true way of experiencing it. And that's with a fight stick. You know you're getting quality too since Mad Catz is behind this stylish design. The fight stick is fully customizable and uses Sanwa joystick and buttons, the very same which can be found in Japanese arcade cabinets. Serious fighting game enthusiasts should look no further than this Mad Catz fight stick and deliver some sweet C-C-C-Combo breakers to their enemies.

[Mad Catz]

Polk N1 Gaming Sound Bar

Polk N1 Sound Bar

Get into your game, really into it, with a Polk single-speaker gaming audio system that immerses you in dynamic, lifelike sound. The full range Dolby Digital N1 Gaming SurroundBar is the first-ever sound bar designed and engineered in collaboration with Microsoft and the brains behind the incredible sound design of best-selling games like Halo® and Forza®. With customized, built-in gaming EQs for optimized audio, you will be living the game like never before.

[Polk Audio]

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GameZone's 2013 Holiday Gift Guide for Gamers