GameStop Reveals New PlayStation 3 Greatest Hits from THQ

If there is one program I appreciate, it’s the Greatest Hits program, as well as its parallels seen on the other platforms (though Nintendo’s label has been gathering dust in that department as of late). What better excuse to finally take the plunge on a popular title that you might have missed the first time around?

And in these tough times, any break you can get is usually a welcome one. With that, Sony and THQ seem to be giving us a break on two of the latter’s big hits of recent, Saints Row 2 and WWE Smackdown vs. Raw 2009. These have only shown up in GameStop’s computers so far, but they’ve shown up with the box art you see at right, so chances seem good that these are for real.

The WWE title is the more interesting of the two to me, since it seems pretty rare to have a series that features year-by-year iterations included in such a program.