GameStop Importing Games

Last month, the importing site Lik-Sang closed shop due to multiple lawsuits from Sony. The reason they were being sued was because they were selling PSPs to Asia and Europe. The PSP had not yet been released in these two countries and therefore, Lik-Sang was committing an unlawful act. While Lik-Sang may have been selling these illegally, many other products were available on their website which were not illegal. Many of these items are games for such region-code free systems as the DS and PS3 but as one door to importing closes, another opens.

GameStop will now be importing games from Japan to their American stores. Japanese hits such as Jump Superstars and the latest fighting game based on Naruto, Naruto: Saikyo Ninja Daikesshu 4, will be available for purchase this month. Like other imports, these games will have hefty price tags with GameStop charging $49.99 for Jump SuperStars and $39.99 for Naruto. While importers may have already purchased these games especially with Jump Superstars being over a year old, it is good to know that GameStop is slowly embracing imports.

Information for other games and systems have not been given but AMN will keep you updated.

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