Game of the Month: June – Dungeon Fighter Online

The summer months are slow-going and hot, and for gamers, it is traditionally difficult to find something to get excited about. However, this year seems to be different, as there are a few fantastic games seeing release in the summer months. From Crackdown 2 to Metroid: Other M and StarCraft 2, the summer months are rife with high-profile releases from a variety of well-established series. However, even though the focus is set on these bigger franchise blockbusters, there are some surprises to be found, including GameZone’s Game of the Month for June: Dungeon Fighter Online.

Dungeon Fighter Online
Combining old-school beat ‘em up action and a manga-style presentation with a massively multiplayer universe, Dungeon Fighter Online unfolds on a 2.5D plane, meaning that brawlers weaned on fare such as Streets of Rage or Final Fight will immediately feel at home.

“This seamless blend of beat-‘em-up action and MMO-atmosphere makes multiple hours of gameplay feel like mere minutes,” GameZone’s Michael Splechta said in our official review. “And, if you’re pressed for time, DFO excels at providing short bursts of entertainment.”

Offering a surprising yet effective blend of arcade action and deep MMO customization, Dungeon Fighter Online is an exciting and engaging title and worthy of our Game of the Month honor.

Dungeon Fighter Online Review

GameZone’s runner-up for June features a familiar face, complete with eye-patch, five o’ clock shadow, and token grimace.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker
The latest from Kojima Productions may be a handheld title, but it is for all intents and purposes the fifth game in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker succeeds in creating a compelling story, great gameplay, and more depth than you’re likely to find in a handheld title.

In his review, GameZone’s Dakota Grabowski said, “Even with the PSP’s limitations, such as iffy at best control scheme, graphical output and the like, Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker still ends up being one of the better action titles to have released on the handheld device.”

The game does have some issues keeping it from perfection (hence, its status as our Game of the Month “runner-up” and not the all-out winner), like poorly designed boss battles and some overall repetitiveness, this is still a solid title and one that ranks among the PSP’s finest.

Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker Review