Game Of The Week 10-23-2006

Sorry to all those who were expecting the Game of the Week last week. Since we left you waiting last week, we’re back with not one, but two editions of Game of the Week. Last week’s show has now been uploaded in addition to this week’s so enjoy a double helping of Game of the Week.

This week’s releases include notable titles such as Magical Starsign, Phantasy Star Universe and Splinter Cell: Double Agent.


Magical Starsign

Star Trek: Tactical Assault

Touch Detective


Ace Combat X: Skies of Deception

WTF: Work Time Fun

Star Trek: Tactical Assault

Xbox 360:

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance

Phantasy Star Universe


Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Reservoir Dogs

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance


Splinter Cell: Double Agent

Will Tom Clancy’s latest trump the competition or will another title win the honor of Game of the Week?

What game won this week?

Click above to find out.