Game Boy: Not Resting In Peace Yet?

To be, or not to be? That is the question, one of many Nintendo has posed on a recent survey on their website, asking people in that 1-7 “Agree or Disagree” format everyone hates as to whether or not they feel the Game Boy “is an outdated system,” “is a solid system with a lot of life left in it,” or “I plan to play it for a long time to come.”

When the Nintendo DS first appeared on the scene, Nintendo specifically stated that the new handheld was not a replacement for the Game Boy, but rather a “third pillar” for their company. But as consumer and developer tastes changed, turning the herald of the Touch Generation into a hit sensation, it was obvious that focus was moving away from Nintendo’s longstanding portable namesake in favor of “greener” pastures.

Polling consumers is nothing new to Nintendo; they even made a long-running contest out of it within the pages of their Nintendo Power magazine. But, specifically online, Nintendo has rarely if ever conducted such a questionnaire about a system, instead usually favoring feedback for a specific title.

Of course, no matter the outcome of the survey, nothing is certain. Results of this can only result in speculation for now: Will Nintendo make a new Game Boy despite the success of the DS? Is it simply seeing if it’s worth keeping a GBA slot on future revisions of the DS hardware? As it stands, no one can say.