Fuzion Frenzy

In my lifetime as a gamer, there has never been a party game on any console that offered a genuinely fun experience, with longetivity in the gameplay. Party games debuting on the Nintendo 64, namely ‘Mario Party’, set the wrong mood for this genre, which many developers soon to carry on it’s legacy thought was worthwhile to follow. These games, exceeded in plain out goofy gameplay with little, or no true entertainment. Blitz games has taken a different approach, wouldn’t you much rather play gladiator sumo, bumper boats, tank wars, foot racing, shoot em up, race em down mini-games, then see who can cut a layer of skin off their thumb the fastest in a race to blow up a balloon…?

Fuzion Frenzy is the first party game for the Microsoft Xbox platform, and a good one at that. It’s enormous selection of unique and colourful mini-games, each appealing to different varieties of gamers, provide hours of non-stop gaming. Although only a handful are more or less worthy of unprecedented worshipping (namely ‘Sumo, and Twisted System’), this first attempt at fixing the genre far exceeded our expectations.


It’s hard to find a person who completely loves, or completely hates Fuzion Frenzy. The game has it’s up and downs depending on who you are, and what you like. If you are a jock, you will get a kick out of the Hockey game, if you like king of the hill type games, you will love Sumo, and so on. It has its large share of fun for the whole family impressive mini-games, but equally has its share of crappy (for lack of a better word) mini-games. There are some games where you collect orbs, smash insects, and jump into circles… These were the games I personally feel Fuzion Frenzy could have done without.

I will say it bluntly, if you don’t have friends, don’t buy this game. Fuzion Frenzy was designed to be played with a group of your friends, and although it has a CPU player feature, it feels empty playing alone, and I can guarantee you will have about 1 hour of fun before getting ultimately bored.


Nothing too Special, Fuzion’s Graphics are good for it’s genre, but don’t wow you. The character models are basic, and the views are teeny, but the gameplay quickly oversees these petty details. However, one can honestly say this is the best a party game has ever looked. The lighting and particle effects are the best part of the graphics.


The Sound department is where I feel Fuzion Frenzy lost the most points in. There were no solid tracks in the game; although you can upload your own music, no single mini-game lasts long enough to enjoy it, or the sound effects drown it out first. The character voices got flat out annoying, it would be awesome to have an option to ring Zak’s neck.

All in All, Fuzion Frenzy, as in most games, has its small flaws, but if you can overlook these, you are basically looking at the best party game ever. The game is fun, fast-paced, energetic and very entertaining. So if you have a couple of friends, an Xbox console, and tons of snacks… Fuzion Frenzy is definitely something to look into.

Matt Durrant

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