Free Killer Instinct gift from Microsoft is actually a middle finger to its dedicated fan base

Today, Microsoft did something nice. Shocker right? They decided to give away free copies of Killer Instinct to its dedicated user base of Xbox fans. I know, to clear your confusion, yes the game is already free, but only comes with one character. Microsoft's generous gift gives players access to the rest of the characters at no additional charge.

But not everyone is invited to the party unfortunately. So that means the most dedicated Xbox fans will surely get treated with a free download right?

Nope, it seems like Microsoft is instead choosing members at random to get this free code. Apparently being a Gold member isn't even a requirement. This tweet solidifies that.

And while many are chiming in with glee as they got their email confirming a free copy, there are just as much, if not more, people disappointed with the lack of a code, even though they've been with Xbox Live for numerous years.

Here are a few disappointed Gaffers:

Speedy Blue DudeI just checked my email, nothing… Come on Microsoft, I've been supporting you even THROUGH the DRM fuck up. I want love too. 🙁

DoctorWhoFuuuu…. I've been a Gold Live member since the beginning. Where is my free MS?

GowansThe next gen game I'm most looking forward too, that's AWESOME! 10yr Live member here & my inbox is empty 🙁

TRios ZenHmm, my gold account is 7 years old, and I have an One pre-ordered (through Amazon though, not a MS store), but no free KI for me. WTF? I'd love free KI!

E92 M3Almost 10 years on LIVE and nothing yet 🙁  *feels a dose of self-entitlement*

ZROCOOL10 years and nothing. 🙁

Ubersnug10 years here and over 80K gamerscore and no email 🙁  Surely this can't be random?

hawk2025I always feel bad when these things happen and I never get them 🙁

Soulflarznearly a 4 yr account w/ 50000 Achievement Points, dozens of games (nearly <probably over> 100), etc. …No email  *and over $1000 spent on my account+2 360s

bucknuticus10 year member 80k gamerscore, nothing. 🙁

And there are more. Why Microsoft? Why do such a weird promotion in an age where the internet exposes who did and didn't get selected for this.

What's even worse is that a lot of people who are getting these emails, have no plans to even purchase an Xbox One, and they can't gift the game to anyone else, since it's tied to their Gamertag. D'oh!

While there are some gamers who legitimately don't care, or are happy for those that got it, I can't help but think Microsoft is shooting itself in the foot here. What better way to get into a lot of gamer's good graces at the very last minute, than by offering the first batch of characters free to everyone (because who really only wants to play as Jago) and then allow gamers to upgrade whenever the second batch of characters come out.

Whereas Sony is trying to ensure that everyone gets some sweet games for free right from the start like Resogun and Contrast, not to mention the number of actual Free-to-Play titles like DCUO and Warframe, Microsoft's attempt at sweetening the deal only served to divide its fan base against each other, and mainly, against it.