For Honor Guide: The Reputation system explained

You advance more if you reset backward

For Honor features a new progression system called 'Reputation' that is a bit different from other multiplayer games. There is more involved than simply getting an emblem next to your name, so we broke down exactly what is involved and why it's pivotal to keep advancing in For Honor.

Every multiplayer match offers something called Orders. These are issued at random and can be found in the multiplayer menu > Orders. These can be anything from getting only honorable kills (One vs One with no help, no environmental kills) to doing certain things as a certain character. Completing these orders will earn you points and experience in addition to what is earned during the match, making it easier to level up faster. It's almost like Battlefield 4 when you would earn ribbons netting you extra experience points. There are daily orders which reset every 24 hours as well as others which last longer. They are the easiest way to gain XP as some completed orders help you gain a level by themselves. 

Once you reach level 20 with any character, you will receive a message letting you use your experience to advance a level in Reputation. If you choose not to, you will continue on as you were progressing but won't earn much of anything important. Using your experience nets you one Reputation point which is yours to keep forever. It goes next to your online profile similar to Prestige in Call of Duty. You will also reset all of the unlocked feats you earned during your progress to level 20. Although it may be a bit annoying, it doesn't really have a negative impact on gameplay since feats are simply augmentations to base stats.

Earning a Reputation point also increases your base stats as a character, making a Reputation 3 Viking better than a Reputation 2 Viking at level 20. Just as your base stats increase, so does the gear you can equip in-game and earn at the end of matches. Early players may want to focus their feats on health regen and unblockable attacks for a given time period. As you gain Reputation points and level up your character's base stats, you may wish to change up your feats. If your skills get better and health increases, switching from health regen and unblockable attacks to quicker and more powerful attacks may be a better choice. This will let you kill enemies faster and therefore earn experience faster in order to level up toward your next Reputation point. It's a balancing act that requires a bit of strategy to perfect in order to gain XP the fastest. 

Some gear is only accessible once you reach certain Reputation, making dedication necessary in For Honor. Some progression systems are for show and don't offer much in terms of character gains. For Honor changes that and rewards players for sticking to the objective and playing the game the way it is designed.

For Honor is available now on Xbox One, PS4 andPC. What do you think of For Honor so far? Let us know below.