Flash Game of the Week: Pokemon Tower Defense

Deep down, we all love Pokemon. Something about these critters attracts gamers’ attention and makes them obsessed with catching them all. Flash game developer Sam Otero capitalized on the popularity of both Pokemon and Tower Defense games and created something truly addicting. With graphics and music taken straight from the various Gameboy titles, the game tasks you with protecting a stash of Rare Candy from an onslaught of hungry Pokemon on different maps. This isn’t just strictly tower defense, however, as the Pokemon formula gets almost fully integrated into the game. You’ll start off by picking one of three Pokemon from Prof. Oak. The one you choose will gain experience, level up and even gain new moves, and you can catch any of the attacking Pokemon, assuming you’ve taken down their health bar enough notches.

With even more levels and modes on the way, Pokemon Tower Defense is one game to keep an eye out on, and that’s why it is GameZone’s pick for Flash Game of the Week.

Play the game HERE