Flash Game of the Week – Arcuz: Behind the Dark

We normally don’t associate epic action RPG’s and flash games together, yet flash game developer Funnaut was able to overcome expectations. Not only is this an engrossing RPG that is somewhat reminiscent of the Ragnarok art style and gameplay, but it boasts over 20 achievements that are obtainable in-game, as well. The game also includes a ton of customizable equipment to outfit your custom named Hero. After you level up enough, various Arenas become available for you to test your battle prowess against an onslaught of enemies. With the added ability to sign in through Facebook or MySpace (really, people still use it?), you’ll be able to save your quest and continue at a later time, since this is one adventure that will probably take you more than one sitting to beat.

RPG enthusiasts need not hesitate and click on over to experience this very deep and very enjoyable game, as it now rests in our Flash Game of the Week Hall of Fame.

Play the game HERE