Five Games We Want to See Minka Kelly In

Minka Kelly is single. Her and Derek Jeter are splits-ville. Here at GameZone, we have a little crush on Minka–you’d be crazy not to. In honor of her being single again, and us pretending to have a chance with her, we give you five games we want to see Minka Kelly in.

Leisure Suit Larry

Do you even have to ask why? Like, really?

Dead Island

Minka Kelly is in the upcoming Charlie’s Angels TV show remake. She can obviously handle some firepower and must be good at hand-to-hand combat. We think she’d be an attractive option to play as in the upcoming zombie-survival RPG that takes place on a tropical island.

Minka Kelly as Miranda from Mass Effect 2
Don’t tell us that you’d hate to see this…

Mass Effect 3

Ok, not only would she be 10 times hotter than any female character in the Mass Effect universe, but there’s nothing we’d love to see more than Minka Kelly in that tight combat suit, blowing up aliens and saving mankind. That and it wouldn’t hurt to see what Bioware would plan if you get romantically involved with Ms. Kelly.

Minka Kelly, Nathan Drake, Uncharted
Can’t you see her fitting in? Especially with the hat on

Uncharted 3

Okay, Nathan Drake is hot right now. He needs a hot lady–hotter than Elena. Minka Kelly is this lady. Uncharted can pride itself on its excellent face-capture technology and its fantastic voice acting that brings the script alive. Minka Kelly is a wonderful actress–with Friday Night Lights and Parenthood under her belt–and would be a perfect fit in the Uncharted series. Like we mentioned before, she’s one of Charlie’s Angels–she’s gonna be able to defend herself.

Minka Kelly with Derek Jeter
Well, they’re over.

MLB: The Show 12

We here at GameZone are not Yankees fans. There’s nothing we’d love more than having Minka Kelly in MLB: The Show 12, at a Yankees-Red Sox game, holding up a sign that says, “I didn’t know you spell Derek with 2 k’s.” (Two strikeouts, for you non-baseball fans.) Or have a cheat code that makes every fan at Yankee Stadium Minka Kelly.