Five-Year-Old Stabs Sister Over Nintendo DS in France

A five-year-old boy stabbed his ten-year-old sister yesterday in France because she wouldn’t give him her Nintendo DS, according to a report on Game Politics.

Their mother was asleep at the time of the stabbing and was reportedly awakened by her daughter’s screams.

The girl was hospitalized. Her condition is not critical.

According to Game Politics, the boy is aware of what he has done. He told French police his sister refused to give him her DS, and he thought the knife was a toy.

Their mother has sole custody of the children and has been raising them since their father, whom she claims was abusive, fled to Albania two years ago. Her brother and niece help raise the children.

There has been no word from French officials, but Game Politics points out the boy likes the Oct. 2007 DS game Power Rangers: Super Legends, in which characters “allegedly” throw knives.