Five games we’d love to see announced for the PlayStation 4

We're just days away from the "big reveal" of Sony's next move in the game market, the proposed debut of PlayStation 4. Or, at least, that's what we're hoping for — and likely bound to get. Sony's making a move into the next generation, one that could be a gamble depending on pricing, software and how the controller feels. Hopefully it's nothing like that weird mock-up we've seen as of late.

When the PlayStation 3 launched a few years ago, it came out with very few games to get excited about from Sony. But over the years, it's managed to put out a number of big releases for the system, including the Uncharted trilogy, Killzone, and Sly Cooper: Thieves In Time.

Obviously, there are a lot of big titles we'd like to see as a result, but which definitive five releases should Sony push out to really impress us into buying a PlayStation 4? Here are five suggestions I think would be big system sellers — once they're official, that is.

The Last Guardian

last guardian

This one's a long shot, since the game has been delayed numerous times. Maybe the developers at Team Ico are trying to condition it for a system that's truly worthy of its premise. From the early work we've seen on the game, it's got the kind of remarkable graphic engine that fluctuates a bit with current PS3 hardware. On a next-gen system, we have a feeling that the graphics could truly shine like no other effort before it. Again, this is likely wishful thinking — and who knows when the game will actually make its debut — but we can't help but wonder if original efforts like this would really push the system in a positive manner.  Hell, I'd buy it.

Uncharted: A New Adventure


We've already seen the current Uncharted story arc wrap up beautifully with Drake's Deception, but, as Uncharted: Golden Abyss proved on the PS Vita, there's plenty of room for improvisation. So why not come up with an all new adventure for Nathan Drake and company — one that kind of does away with the mythos of treasure hunting in favor of something more action-packed? Naughty Dog can tell a story like no other company out there, and seeing Uncharted's next step into stronger hardware could be a golden ticket for us. Of course, that's provided these guys don't accidentally stumble into Kingdom of the Crystal Skull territory. Yikes.

Killzone 4


Call of Duty: Black Ops II and Halo 4 are great sequels in their own right, and follow-ups are already in the works for them. So why can't Guerrilla Games do the same with its franchise? Killzone 3 set a huge benchmark for the PS3, with its amazing graphics and excellent gameplay. Part four could easily double that quality with better locales, a wider array of weapons, more flying sequences and online components. Something has to accompany Killzone: Mercenary when it releases later this year for Vita, after all.

Jak and Daxter

jak and daxter

Again, this is something from the 'wishful thinking' department. Obviously, Naughty Dog wouldn't be behind this game, as they're busy toiling away on The Last of Us and some other unmentioned projects. However, Sony has enough developers available — like Sanzaru Games and such — to work on a quality Jak and Daxter follow-up. It would be the first one for the series since The Last Frontier arrived on PS2 and PS Vita. This duo is primed for adventure, and a new one featuring dazzling graphics and cool touchscreen interaction would be just what we need for PS4 excitement. Yes, that's even with Daxter's smarminess. Shut that guy up.

Infamous 3


What would the PS4 be without the return of a hero — or anti-hero, depending on how you play him? The first two Infamous games, developed by the savvy team at Sucker Punch, turned out to be real surprises. They featured a wide-open spectrum on how to play (good or evil?), as well as various side-missions and exquisite powers, no matter which side you chose. With part three, the rules could easily change for the series, with an even bigger city to cover, more abilities, multiplayer involvement (hero vs. villain?), and, of course, better graphics. We'd be a sucker to pass this one up once it hit shelves.

What PS4 projects do you want to see announced next week?