First Lost: The Video Game Details

Countless months ago, word broke that Ubisoft had signed on with Lost producers to create a game adaptation of the hit TV show, which begins its fourth season early next year.

The company has finally decided to open up a bit on the upcoming title. Keeping in line with the show, players will be presented with the goal of confronting their past, seeking redemption and ultimately finding a way home. CVG had the chance to view the game in motion, which they describe as “a third-person explore-’em-up. With plenty of running.” The visuals are described as on-par with Uncharted: Drakes Fortune for the PS3.

According to the team at Ubisoft, Lost the video game will “allow players to experience an untold adventure of Lost in an immersive, interactive world.” Lost fans have been subjected to countless obscure happenings in the TV show since its inception. Here’s hoping the game gives off more than a few complex mind games of its own. AMN will have full coverage as it becomes available.