Finishing Dead Space: Extraction May Reveal a Clue to Dead Space 2

Following the success of EA’s spacefaring survival-horror thriller Dead Space, there have been hints that EA will be moving forward with what seems to be an inevitable sequel, but at this point, there has been nothing official.

Speaking to GamerZines at a recent hands-on event for Dead Space: Extraction, Producer Richard Briggs was asked whether the Wii title would give any clues as to the future of the franchise. Briggs laughed and said, “Let me just say that if you’re going to play Extraction, you should play all the way to the end.”

It sounds as though the developers of Extraction are trying to make the game as appealing as possible to fans of Dead Space, while adhering to the confines of the style of game which they chose to pursue. Will this latest hint persuade any of you who are holding out on Extraction to give the game a try?