Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Guide: How to level up quicker

One of the great things about Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn is that you can literally play each and every class, as well as acquire all of the specialized jobs, with a single character. That means leveling up 50 times per class. That's a lot!

One of the complaints from players who want to take on leveling multiple classes is that they're sort of stuck in a rut due to having completed so many of the side quests on their first go-around. Fear not, there are multiple ways you'll be attaining XP faster, and, more importantly, smarter.

Keep in mind that these suggestions won't power-level you by any means, but they're a great alternative to simply grinding dungeons or farming monsters.

Stay mindful of your Hunting Log

Seriously, this thing is a Godsend. Each class has its own specialized Hunting Log, which presents you with 10 monsters to kill per Log. New, more difficult Logs unlock every 10 levels. That means the second Log unlocks when you reach level 10, third unlocks at level 20, etc.

A Realm Reborn Hunting Log

That icon above the name might as well be a bullseye. That means KILL KILL KILL!

The reason the Hunting Log is so useful is because you get a triple dose of XP. Firstly, you get XP just by killing each monster. Once you kill the specific number of each monster, you'll complete that entry, which also grants a nice chunk of XP. Thirdly, once you complete the full Log, that's yet another big XP bonus coming your way. Don't forget the Logs, they'll be your best friend.

Mind the level gap

You might be tempted to start leveling up your secondary class early on, but remember that you get a nice big bonus XP boost based on how high your main class' level is.

The key here is to be patient and wait until you at least reach level 30 with your main class to get a bigger bonus for your secondary class. Once you reach level 50, the bonus will be maxed out and you'll be getting a hefty bonus per kill, which makes even the first few levels of a class go by in mere minutes.

Don't solo FATEs; join a FATE group

A Realm Reborn Svara

FATEs are one of the more unbalanced ways of acquiring XP quickly. While the Hunting Log will be sufficient for the early levels, you'll want to start partaking in FATEs later on.

There is a big reason why you should be doing these in a full group rather than taking them on solo. If you're soloing a FATE, you'll be only counting your own contribution to the fight, which might sometimes result in only a Bronze or Silver medal, which subsequently yields less XP. In a group, however, the contribution is weighed in as the whole group, which means the more people you have participating, the better the contribution.

Secondly, if you're for some reason late running to the FATE and it's already halfway done, beacuse your party has been hacking away since the beginning of it, you'll still get full contribution since you're part of the group. You just have to make sure you actually do participate rather than just running to the FATE and waiting it out.

Don't forget about Levequests

Levequests are last on this list, as they are the lowest priority. Since there is a limit on how many you can do, you won't be able to just keep grinding these out as you see fit. But there is a way around this.

Since I honestly don't recommend doing them at all with your main class, you should be ignoring them until you start thinking about leveling up your other classes. The more you wait on doing these, the more allowances you'll have. You essentially get 6 allowances per day — 3 every 12 hours. If you wait a week, for example, that's 43 allowances. The more you have, the more you'll be able to grind out.

A Realm Reborn Levequests

The reason why Levequests shouldn't be a major priority is because the XP ratio to the time it takes to complete of each Levequest — compared to FATEs, for example — is quite low. With that in mind, Levequests should only be considered if you're just a few thousand away from your goal and you just happen to be near a Levequest NPC.

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