Final Fantasy XIV A Realm Reborn Guide: How to get a Chocobo and use it in battle

Chocobos are easily one of the most popular staples of Final Fantasy, right next to Moogles. These large, yellow birds are an adventurer's best friend when it comes to getting from point A to point B fast.

In A Realm Reborn, players will not only get access to their very own Chocobo that they can ride at any time (outside of main city hubs), but these feathered companions will also be able to fight alongside them in battle.

Acquiring your Chocobo Mount

Nothing says freedom like being able to ride your Chocobo across Eorzea. Luckily, you don't have to wait too long to get your hands on one. Around level 20, you'll be asked to choose one of the three Grand Companies based in Limsa Lominsa, Gridania and Ul'dah. You'll be tasked with visiting each one of these cities before making your final decision on which one to join.

Upon making that decision and completing the initiation quest, your first task given by the Grand Company is "My Little Chocobo" which, as you can probably guess, amounts to getting your own mount. You'll be tasked with getting 2000 Grand Company Seals, or the currency used by each GC, to buy various weapons and gear.

A Realm Reborn Chocobo

There are two ways you can go about getting that many Seals. Firstly, you can start working on your GC Hunting Log, which is separate from your class Hunting Log. The main difference here is that each successful Log Entry nets you a Seal payout rather than XP. The monsters you'll need to kill are relatively spread out, and some are even found in Dungeons, but you won't need to complete the full hunting log to get 2000 Seals. This is made easier if you've attuned to many Aetheryte Crystals around the world, which will allow quick teleporting to the various areas these monsters are found in.

Alternatively, you can join a FATE group and grind out 2000 Seals in the area, which also shouldn't take you very long. Both ways should take you around 30 – 45 minutes at the most. You can potentially grind out Seals with Grand Company Levequests, but that all depends on how many allowances you have. And that'as without mentioning that the time it takes to grind out the 2k Seals is much longer through GC Levequests than through the Hunting Log or FATEs.

With 2000 Seals, you can purchase a Chocobo License from your Grand Company, which will unlock your very own mountable Chocobo.

Summoning your Chocobo into battle

A Realm Reborn Chocobo

At level 30, you'll be able to turn that two-legged steed into a battle companion. You'll need to pick up the "My Feisty Little Chocobo" quest from Docette in South Shroud, who can be found at X17-Y28. During this quest, you'll be introduced to Gysahl Greens, which are used to summon your Chocobo into battle.

Once you complete this quest, you'll need to purchase more Gysahl Greens. The easiest way to get them, especially at this level, is by teleporting to Ul'dah and buying them from the Export Vendor at the Ruby Road Exchange (not far from the Aetheryte Crystal).

Chocobo Companion

Chocobos aren't able to be commanded (outside of changing its Stance). Instead, they act on their own, but their behavior is tied to one of three Talent Trees. You can choose to make it take damage for you as a Defender, help you deal damage as an Attacker, or give it slight healing abilities as a Healer. By calling your Chocobo into battle, it will gain ranks that will allow you to spend more skill points in your chosen Talent Tree, such as increasing its damage or teaching it new attacks.

It's important to note that your Chocobo is on a timer while it's summoned, meaning you can't always have it with you until it dies. The timer starts out at 30 minutes, but decreases by 90 seconds each time it gains a Rank. So stock up on Gysahl Greens!

Happy Chocobo owning!