Fatal Inertia Dated Only for 360

Once planned as a PS3 launch title, Fatal Inertia has now been dated for the Xbox 360 but no PS3 release was revealed by Koei. Fatal Inertia is planned to be released on September 11 for the Xbox 360.

“Koei has been at the forefront of creating the most engaging action games, so with Fatal Inertia we’re now lending our action game talents to the racing genre to deliver an experience that is as fun as it is fast,” said Senior Vice President of KOEI Corporation Amos Ip. “Armed with an eclectic variety of weapons and racing challenges, plus elegant and intuitive driver controls, Fatal Inertia is quite simply bringing high-speed fun and excitement back to the combat racing genre.”

Expect more information on Fatal Inertia at E3 next week. Stay tuned.