Fable Pre-Order Bonus

Microsoft Game Studios announced today an exclusive pre-order deal with EB Games, GameStop, Circuit City, GameRush, GameCrazy and Trans World to reward gamers who pre-order Fable with an exclusive Fable documentary DVD. The limited edition DVD, available only with a Fable pre-order, contains a “making of” documentary featuring interviews with renowned game designer Peter Molyneux, as well as Simon Carter and Ian Lovett.

The DVD will also feature some E3 trailers of Forza Motorsport, Jade Empire, Conker: Live and Reloaded and MechAssault 2: Lone Wolf. You will be able to play demos of Sudeki, RalliSport Challenge 2 and Top Spin. Fable is due to release September 14. Expect Xbox Advanced to have more details on the game as it approaches release.