Fable 10-minute Demo

Since it’s unveiling under the name of Project Ego, Fable has been one of the most heavily anticipated titles on the Xbox. The combination of spectacular graphics with wild ambition has managed to maintain interest from the Xbox userbase despite lengthy delays and refinement (some might call it compromisation) of the original, lofty ideas.

Despite the massive amount of media coverage the game has recieved, it has only been recently that the fundamental mechanics of the gameplay have been explored as the grand concepts finally gave way to the actual gameplay that players would experience on a minute-to-minute, hour-to-hour basis. In this 10 minute demo, Peter Molynuex walks us through 10 minutes of actual gameplay footage, explaining every facet of the events taking place in game.

In this video, the grand concepts and fundamental gameplay come together to give gamers a accurate idea of what the Fable experience will entail. At a mere 21.7 megabytes, everyone with even a slight interest in Fable should download this video.

10 Minute Fable Walkthrough