Existing Sony Franchises Getting Motion Control

Sony has announced future titles in Sony’s existing franchises will start supporting the PlayStation 3’s new motion controller this year.

The company’s worldwide studios vice president asserted to Europe’s Official PlayStation magazine that as the PlayStation 3’s first party developer, Sony has a responsibility to push new hardware made for the platform. “[It is] important to us as the first party studio, as the flagship for PlayStation, that we’re always pushing innovation,” said Michael Denny.

Denny gave no real indication of exactly which games would use the new motion controller. “We are both working on new games and looking at applications to our existing franchises.” This leaves the possibility open to any first party Sony franchise coming out not only in 2010, but throughout the rest of this console cycle.

Likely candidates are the future entries of Sony’s sports franchises like MLB The Show. Shooters like the eventual sequels to the Killzone and Uncharted franchises are also candidates. The only first party software already seen using motion control has been LittleBigPlanet. It’s hard to see how the controller would be applied to some known first party PS3 2010 releases like Gran Turismo 5 or The Last Guardian.

Sony will probably give us a better idea of what they are actually releasing in the second half of 2010 at E3 in June.