Even More My Sims Details Emerge

The latest issue of Nintendo Power magazine has provided the gaming community with some new insights on EA’s upcoming My Sims for both the Wii and the Nintendo DS.

We’ll start with the Wii version. Players will begin the experience in the same town as their grandparents, which is blessed with such distinct personalities as a mad scientist, hair dresser, florist, a magician, and a chef. Various townsfolk will sometimes approach the player in need of aid, such as help in building something to help cater to their needs.

So how will the game be controlled? Players will move their character around with the Nunchuck, while the Wii Remote will be used to point at and picking up various objects. It will also be used in building and creating everything from houses to other unique objects. Unfortunately, the issue gave no indication as to whether the character is directly controlled (think Animal Crossing) or if they will be controlled via a set of directions familiar to the Sims franchise.

A quick look at the game will reveal that a unique artistic style has been chosen to better obtain a worldwide appeal. Interestingly, the development team was originally inspired by the song “Who are the People in your Neighborhood?” from the popular children’s television show, Sesame Street. No details as to whether the title would have any online functionality were given.

While not nearly as much information was given on the DS version, it was revealed that the game takes place on a vacation resort that is in great need of tourists. Players will aid the resort in convincing people to stay through direct conversations. The game will feature minigames that can be played using the touch screen and/or the microphone, such as fishing. The touch screen will be used to show off the environment; while the top screen will show off other information (no real specifics were given). The issue gave a small indication that Nintendo Wi-Fi capability may be included in the final version.

Stay tuned to Advanced Media Network for more on these upcoming titles as information becomes available.