Epic Has a Date in Mind for the Xbox 360 Release of Unreal Tournament 3

The wait continues for Xbox 360 owners who have yet to receive a release for Epic’s first person shooter title, Unreal Tournament 3. The end of the waiting period may be closer than we actually realize however as Epic vice president Mark Rein has stated that the company now has a vague release date in mind for Xbox 360 version of Unreal Tournament 3, we’re just going to have to wait a while to hear what it is.

“We do, but I don’t think we put it out yet,” stated Rein when questioned on the release date of UT3. “It’s kind of a when it’s done thing. We have an idea of when it’s coming. We have a big Midway Gamer’s Day next week, in fact, in Las Vegas, where Midway’s invited a whole bunch of people to come and play the game. I’m sure after that happens you’ll see lots of impressions of the game.”

Rein continued to get us excited by stating that the game is up and running and looking great.

“It’s in really good shape, Rein said. “I was playing it yesterday here in my office.”

Hopefully we’ll hear something from Epic soon. In the meantime, you can be sure to bet Kombo will be here with the news once a date is made.