EB Games Clerk Murdered in Store

A murder took place this morning in the EB games store located in the 7300 block of San Pedro Avenue in Northern San Antonio, TX.

Amber Belken, 25, was found dead at the scene sometime around 2 pm today. Witnesses say they saw the victim enter the store around 9 a.m. this morning to prepare this store, set to open at 10. It is currently unknown just how the killer was able to get into the store before the actual opening hours. Police are currently investigating the case, and believe it to be a homicide induced by robbery.

Managers for the store claim that they had been trying to contact the woman on the phone for a few hours. They finally decided to arrive at the store in the late afternoon to check up on the clerk, finding both doors leading into the store locked when they arrived. The store remained closed for the remainder of the day.

Police are asking anyone who was in the area between 9 and 10 a.m. this morning to contact officials at (210) 207-7635 if they have any information regarding the murder.

Stay tuned for developments.