EA’s Schappert: PlayStation 3 is “on fire”

According to EA’s John Schappert, the PlayStation 3 is “on fire”.

Schappert, the COO of EA told IGN after EA’s press conference at E3 that the PlayStation is “doing incredibly well.”

“We’re platform agnostic,” he said. “We sell more software on both he PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 than anybody. That being said, we partnered with Sony on the press conference; we were on their stage and got to announce some things.

“I wouldn’t read too much into what we’re showing the demos on, but I will tell you, in the marketplace, the PlayStation 3 is doing incredibly well.”

Schappert also pointed out why he believes the PlayStation 3 has changed from isolated console to success over the past few years.

“Since Sony changed the PS3 form factor, rolled out the Kevin Butler marketing campaign, and launched some great content, the box is on fire,” he said. “Now the problem is you haven’t been able to find it at retail, it’s been out of stock. But I think they’ll fix that soon.” 

”We have high hopes on the PlayStation 3 this year. Again, we like them all, but PlayStation 3 is doing very strong right now,” he added. 

EA is planning to launch two special editions that can only be found on the PlayStation 3 later this year. One, for Dead Space 2, will feature Dead Space: Extraction, the on-rails shooter previously only available on the Wii (which will have PlayStation Move support), and a Medal of Honor special edition that will include a remaster of Medal of Honor: Frontline.

”It was a great opportunity to work with Sony on genres that they were very interested in promoting for the PlayStation 3,” Schappert said. “We were able to make use of the Blu-ray disc with the larger storage space and add additional content on the disc without sacrificing anything from the core game.” 

”We partner with Microsoft on a ton of products, but those are just two good opportunities we had with Sony that we wanted to highlight.”

Earlier this year, EA also released a special edition of Dante’s Inferno solely for the PlayStation 3.

While Sony still is behind Microsoft in the American market with the PlayStation 3, it’s gaining ground quickly as its price has been brought down. In addition, it has some extraordinary exclusives like Uncharted 2 and God of War III that have further helped push sales.

EA was overwhelmingly enthusiastic about the PlayStation 3 at E3. The majority of games during their press conference were demoed using the PlayStation 3, and they obviously are pushing special editions that take advantage of Blu-Ray technology. It seems that as the life cycle of the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 continues to get older, the benefits will continue to increase for PlayStation 3 owners. The use of Blu-ray is undoubtedly a victory because of its massive storage capacity as opposed to the Xbox 360s DVD drive. It will mean more bonuses for PlayStation 3 owners and more support from EA.

Obviously, it’s in EA’s interests to support both user bases, which are huge. They rarely put out exclusives (Mass Effect being a rare breed due to BioWare’s previous contract with Microsoft) and they will continue to focus on both consoles. However, PlayStation 3 owners will continue to see more and more exclusive editions that reward them for their console.