E3: Newest Juiced Info with Screens

In a world where illegal street racing is becoming more popular in movies, several new game brands have attempted to tap into that success. One of those newer attempts comes from Acclaim’s upcoming game, “Juiced.” In Juiced, gamers must compete not only in the actual high-speed races, but they must also push their cars to the limit off the road. With a unique, heavy emphasis on customization, Juiced will allow players to have full control of their monsters’ looks and performance.

The shadowy races in this game will not simply be an arcade experience, it promises a Gran Turismo simulation-like touch that will immerse you in a strong team based structure. In Juiced, you will have to not only worry about your own races, but you will also have the privilege to recruit other top-notch drivers to your team. This, as well as an open-ended single-player mode should guarantee a truly involving experience.

For example, to even get a shot at the top dogs, you’ll have to overhaul your car’s appearance. That means that a simple racing stripe down the middle with some nice rims won’t cut it. Just to get on the radar, you’ll need to get yourself a nice, original paintjob, the cool lowered springs, some 18″ chrome Kahn wheels, those awesome glowing lights on the bottom of your car, topped off with a pearly finish. Be sure not to forget what every hardcore street racer needs, a healthy supply of Nitrous Oxide.


  • Combines the driving and extreme-sports genres;

  • Build up the most respected street racing crew;

  • Collect and customize or ‘mod’ a wide variety of cars;

  • Recruit and manage drivers;

  • Compete for cash and cars;

  • Interact with characters from other crews;

  • Use team tactics to win races;

  • Enjoy the ‘home’ track advantage;

  • Progress by gaining respect and notoriety;

  • Organized Street Races and Race Track Events;

  • Highway Races and Special Challenges;

  • Use of real brands and recognizable licenses to add believability to the game world;

  • Use of actual auto manufacturers’ blue prints for nearly 50 licensed in-game vehicles;

  • Believable, but highly accessible physics and handling;

  • Car and environment damage;

  • Cutting edge next-generation graphics;

  • Split-screen multiplayer gaming;

  • Online play on PlayStation2 and Xbox.