E3 2014: Top five wishful predictions that ‘probably’ won’t come true from the GameZone team

The countdown is too real. Flights are scheduled. Appointments are booked. E3 2014 is just days away from kicking off in Los Angels, Calif.

Alongside this article, today we're presenting GameZone's top five bold predictions from the crew that will on the E3 show floor. Bold predictions can only be so fun, though. So with that in mind, we wanted to give you our top five wishful predictions that probably won't happen. Could they magically happen? Well, yeah. But we're not sure there's enough In-N-Out Burger magic for our absurb, wishful desires to come true.

So, again, sit back and check out our team's wishful predictions, and be sure to comment below and let us know how crazy we are. 

Lance Liebl's Top Five Wishful Predictions that Probably Won't Come True

Lance GameZone1. EA announces a game for the Wii U

2. Star Wars: Battlefront will be playable

3. Disney Interactive and Avalanche Software sit down for my interview and let slip that they have a Star Wars play set on the way

4. A New Metroid and/or Mega Man game is announced

5. After getting In-N-Out Burger, I won’t spend 30 minutes on the toilet

Matt Liebl's Top Five Wishful Predictions that Probably Won't Come True

Matt GameZone 1. Nintendo announces a new console

2. Battlefront 4 will be playable on the show floor, with a release date for 2014

3. EA announced they will finish development on Star Wars 1313  

4. Kingdom Hearts III has a playable demo on the show floor, with a possible release date announcement

5. Naughty Dog announces a sequel to The Last of Us

David Sanchez's Top Five Wishful Predictions that Probably Won't Come True 

David GameZone 1. Okami sequel for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Wii U is announced 

 2. Super Meat Boy on PlayStation 4 is announced 

 3. Crackdown 3 on Xbox One is announced (Hey, those games were pretty fun for a few hours!)

 4. New God of War for PlayStation 4 is announced that actually reinvents the series' now-tired formula

 5. A proper 3D Banjo-Kazooie platformer for Xbox One is announced 

Tate Steinlage's Top Five Wishful Predictions that Probably Won't Come True 

Tate GameZone 1. Battlefield: Hardline is multiplayer only and will be $39.99 

 2. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim is announced for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, bundled in with all the DLC

 3. Bulletstorm 2 is announced as an Xbox One exclusive title 

 4. Homefront: The Revolution is the surprise talk of E3 (in a good way)

 5. Booth babes finally become a thing of the past (epitome of a wishful prediction, sadly)