E3 2012: The winner of day 0, the day before E3

While two out of the big three had their big press conferences, you'd think that one of the winners would be them. What with Halo 4, Beyond and The Last of Us having some impressive debuts. Even EA had some great things to show off such as Crysis 3. But who would have thought that the winner amongst these heavy hitters would be the company that had some less than stellar press conferences in the last few years.

That's right, Ubisoft.

Ubisoft not only had a really great host (finally!), but showed off nothing but really impressive titles, finishing off with a surprising new title that got us all very excited.

So what did Ubisoft show exactly? They kicked off their show with the family friendly Just Dance 4, which also featured a guest appearance by Flo Rida himself, and some truly sexy backup dancers. Immediately after, not even giving us enough time to soak it all in, we were treated to an incredibly impressive gameplay session of Far Cry 3 which started off with a half naked chick grinding on our main character. Talk about awesome.

We then got to see a kick ass trailer from Splinter Cell: Blacklist followed by some gameplay of Assassin's Creed III. Everyone got a glimpse of some Wii U footage even before the actual Nintendo Press Conference in the form of Rayman: Legends, followed by more trailers showcasing the support for Nintendo's new console.

Ubisoft really had it all, great gameplay presentation, impressive trailers, and even a sneak peek at Nintendo's Wii U even before the actual Nintendo Conference, but the Ubisoft saved the best for last.

Watch Dogs, is Ubisoft's newest IP, which puts players in the role of high tech assassins, that are able to manipulate the world around them, such as hack cellphones, streetlights, trains, bridges, etc. With this technology, they are able to identify and intercept their targets. What impressed even further is that at the end, it seemed that the game will feature multiple players, all with these tech powers, helping each other to survive and assassinate.

E3 2012 hasn't officially started and we already have some truly awesome games to look forward to.

Make sure to check back tomorrow for more news on Nintendo's Press Conference, as well as our hands on previews from the show floor.