E3 2010: What Happened to the Last Guardian; Team Ico Collection HD

Sony’s press conference came and went and one of the most highly anticipated games was a no show. After E3 2009, most hardcore gamers couldn’t wait to get more info on The Last Guardian, which is the latest game from Team Ico.

Another game that was rumored — but not fully expected — was some sort of Team Ico HD Collection. With the news that Sly Cooper is getting his own 3D collection, it is a bit depressing not to hear something about Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

Our Guess:

Our guess is that both The Last Guardian and Team Ico 3D Collection were being retrofitted to work with Sony’s new push to 3D and weren’t ready for primetime. Nothing wrong with that, but if 3D is pushing back otherwise fine games, then is it really worth it?

Expect to hear about Guardian at least at the next Tokyo Game Show.