E3 2010: Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 with PSMove

During Sony’s E3 event while showing PlayStation Move EA Sports’ Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 was demoed using Move.

It was stated that “its hard to do this in front of so many people, so this may take me a few tries.”

After the demoer takes an actual golf stance and swings he hits a few balls in to sand traps.

“It is all about the wrist and all about the stance in golf,” and that has to be kept in mind while using PlayStation Move.

“It is all about feel. Every time I do some thing I am getting the feed back.”

It is easy to see how slow movements produce different hits from fast movements.

You need to use “a nice smooth putting stroke.”

“The move helps us capture authentic sports motion with one to one precision.”

Move function will be downloadable as an update on the PS3. A date wasn’t given for this.

This ended the Tiger demo. Look to Kombo for more updates on PlayStation’s event.