E3 2010: Sony Announce A “Proper” Game For Move: Sorcery

Sorcery was just announced by Sony as one of the first Move-compatible titles. Taking full advantage of the fact that Move has buttons as well as waggle capabilities, it’s a third-person action adventure.

The game features some pretty convincing-looking 1:1 motion tracking thanks to the Move’s wand, which translates into the motion of the protagonist’s wand in the game. The wand can be used for simple attacks but is also used as a pointer to navigate the interface in the game.

The gameplay looks pretty compelling, too. Offering the ability to combine a selection of magic spells along with the ability to transmogrify into different creatures to solve puzzles, it should hopefully be enough to silence the core gamers. It’s most definitely a “real” game that integrates the Move control scheme seamlessly into the experience.

There’s some great gameplay ideas on offer, too. The spell combos offer some interesting possibilities, such as summoning a wall of flames and then combining it with a whirlwind to produce a tower of flaming death.

It’s due out in Spring 2011.