E3 2010: Sly Collection Hands-On

The PS2 is home to a vast array of memorable characters. One of the most notable was Sly Cooper. Now that the developer Sucker Punch is hard at work on InFamous 2, hopes were dashed that the mascot that put them on the map would be shelved. One of the surprise announcements at E3 2010 is the HD overhaul of the Sly Cooper trilogy with full 3D support.

Much like the God of War HD upgrade, Sly Collection brings the familiar world up to modern spec in a fantastic way. The colors pop and the effect is crisp and clean with the HD makeover. The slightly cel-shaded visual style keeps the game from looking dated so it still holds up well to today’s standards. Slight tweaks were needed to bring the game to the PS3 because the wide screen aspect ratio wasn’t originally designed into the game. Other than that, these are the original games dedicated PlayStation fans remember and a treasure for gamers that haven’t explored the world of Sly Cooper.

Like most PS3 games shown, Sly Collection is compatible with 3D. The levels that I played showed off how the depth that 3D creates a new dimension that platform players will think is a great step forward in the genre. One particular moment that showed how great the 3D effect was is in a bamboo field with the shoots creating a dazzling visual display.

Sly Cooper was a great choice to continue the HD collection series and those fortunate enough to enjoy the 3D portion will be pleasantly surprised at how it changes the dynamics of platforming.