E3 2009: My Hero: Firefighter Facts and Screens

You thought the Wii was the only one with a firefighter game? Think again. Now you can fulfill your other dreams of being a firefighter on the go.

Introducing an all new Nintendo DSTM franchise for aspiring heroes! My Hero: Firefighter, My Hero: Doctor and My Hero: Astronaut let players experience what it’s like to be the role models they look up to. As a courageous fireman in My Hero: Firefighter, players must react quickly, drive fast, and extinguish life-threatening flames using real firefighting equipment in terrifying house fires, forest fires, and chemical explosions. Earn awards and medals for your acts of bravery on your way up to becoming Captain of the fire department and a true national hero.

•Immersive graphics and storyline with 13 diverse and replayable missions

•Easy to play and intuitive interface using the Nintendo DSTM stylus throughout

•Use real firefighting equipment like the fire hose, ax, gas mask, and extendable ladder

•Feel the burn while using your courage and skills to save people and animals from dangerous circumstances like house fires, forest fires and chemical explosions

•Reach higher ranks by successfully completing missions, and unlock truck and equipment upgrades allowing you to customize your experience

•Drive quickly and safely through city streets, avoiding crashing into other cars, on your way to thrilling challenges

•Learn real fire safety tips and how to react when in hazardous situations

Start lifting those weights because your life as a firefighter in My Hero: Firefighter starts in August of 2009.