E3 2009 Media: Fret Nice Fact Sheet

Tecmo didn’t really bother to give much out for this upcoming PlayStation Network title– just the logo above and the following fact sheet.

Publisher: Tecmo, Inc.
Developer: Pieces Interactive
Platform: PlayStation®Network
Genre: Platformer, Music
Ship Date: 2010
# of Players: 1 ~ 2
Online Multiplayer: Yes

FRET NICE harmonizes the unity between music and the 2D platformer. As you control your character through the artful stages, you play the game as if it were a jammin’ rock song. Rock out by blasting enemies with riff combos and creating your own soundtracks with each “strum” of a chord. Each time a stage is repeated, you will have an ever-changing experience.

The Vibrant Chordblasters have been touring the world and spreading their unique style of music, which constantly has won over new fans. That is, until it gets into the ears of the Hair Bängers. They are vicious hard rocking people who, upon hearing the new type of music, go on an outrageous rampage in disgust, invading the whole world trying to spread their own heavy metal music and heavy metal hair wherever they go. With the whole world blaming the Vibrant Chordblasters for angering the Hair Bängers, the band has no other choice but to chase all of the Hair Bängers back to Heavy Metal Kingdom using the most powerful weapon in the world… Rock’n’roll!

Audio Dynamics: Notes you play in Riff Combos are relative to the current key of the stages’ songs, allowing for user-generated audio-tastic soundtracks.
Riff Combos: When a note is played in the air, a Riff Combo will be activated to help defeat enemies.
Facial Attribute System: A fun and visual way to interpret riff combos. For example, if there are three eyes and two tentacles on an enemy, you have to “strum” three of the same notes and two same other note in the riff combo.
Cooperative Play: Play cooperatively with a friend (locally or over network) to clear stage levels and compete with each other for high scores. The catch is that you are connected by an instrument cord, preventing both of you from getting too far from each other on a shared screen.