E3 2009: EA: No Plans for a Godfather Sequel

Though the fate of the franchise remains undecided, it seems likely that EA is finished with The Godfather.

The Los Angeles Times reports that at E3 last week, EA Games President Frank Gibeau stated that following the release of The Godfather II in April, his company was done making deals with the don. “We’re not going to do another one,” he said flatly, before noting that there are no Godfather games on their current production schedule, one which reaches ahead three years.

However, a spokesperson from Paramount told a different story, stating “Plans for the next Godfather game have not been decided.”

Following this, an EA publicist “clarified” Gibeau’s statement, saying “We do not currently have a Godfather game in development. Nothing has been decided as to future sequels,” adding that “Paramount is a great partner.”

The Godfather II has only moved about 241,000 units in the US following its April release, making the likelihood of a sequel seem ever-slimmer.