E3 2008: Rumor: Resident Evil 5 Wii-Bound?

A slip of the tongue, or something more? You can never quite tell with some of these industry-types, such as SEGA of America President Simon Jeffery, who at E3 mistakenly (whether true or not) let word slip about a Wii release of Resident Evil 5.

Poking around, they then asked Nintendo about a release, to which Reggie fired back “Not yet!”, followed by a laugh which left them inching backwards out of the room.

Capcom’s Chris Kramer, reminded that word of Dead Rising for the Wii was already out of the bag, said that perhaps Jeffery was confusing the two titles. He then asked “Have you seen Resident Evil 5?”, seemingly implying that it wouldn’t be possible on Wii, but hey, didn’t we all think the same about Dead Rising? Sure, RE5 on Wii wouldn’t be 1:1 with the other versions, but…

Finally, a follow-up with Jeffery himself yielded the following in an e-mail: “We’d been discussing the Res Evil 5 showing at the Microsoft event earlier, and it was still on my brain – that’s all.”

Case closed?