E3 2008: More Mega Man 9 Details Revealed

GameSpot’s live show out at E3 just wrapped up a segment about Mega Man 9. We’ll try to post a video embed for you later, but for now, there are a few details of note.

When asked about being able to save the game, the developers showing off the title were a little unclear; I think the person asking meant in a “password vs. save file” sort of way, as the first seven games (nevermind the first three X and five GB titles) required the use of passwords to record progress. They mentioned the usual restart points that come as you progress through the level, and that you can save upon completion, but didn’t really clarify how. Not sure which I’m rooting for; save files are quick and easy, but passwords can be exploited in fun ways. MM3, top right corner, one red dot. If you know what that means, congratulations: You’re hardcore.

Regarding layout, they said that it would be the usual eight bosses and five final stages, but given how secretive they are about other info, including one of the stages they were in (“we’re in the concrete stage, whose boss may have a similar name;” come on, we know the boss names already), they may be hiding some things. In fact, given some other questions, they definitely are.

Another question asked if there would be a return of the chargable Mega Buster or the slide move; they made it sound like there isn’t, but the stage they went through displayed a bolt that could only be reached by sliding… that is, unless they’ve devised an alternative for such situations.

They mentioned some other stuff going on, getting fans involved in remixing music and making retro art and the like. And finally, for a release, all they said was September.